Plymouth’s Arts and Cultural development team

In our latest video for The Box, we meet Judith, Nicoletta, Jodie and Fiona. They are behind some of the great things happening in the City. As Plymouth’s Arts and Cultural Development team, they work with of lots of establishments to put on creative projects in public spaces.  These include Plymouth City Council events as well as exhibitions by independent artists.

The team’s latest and biggest project is The Box, Plymouth. This is the transformation of the old museum and Art gallery into a multi-million pound cultural space: a key strategic project in City. Opening in 2020, The Box will celebrate Plymouth’s culture past and present. A space where the city’s rich history will be exhibited all under 1 roof for residents and visitors to experience.

The Box video legacy

This is one of a number of videos that record the ongoing progress of the construction  of The Box. In each video we capture key moments of the project as and when they happen. The result makes public each stage of development. And 2020 will be a grand opening, so put the date in your diary! It’s no accident that it coincides with the  the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower leaving Plymouth for America. It’s just one of the great things happening as part of the Mayflower 400. celebrations. It’s over 100 years since the Museum first opened and will be a huge opportunity for the city to remind locals and visitors why it’s such a brilliant place.

More specifically, this video was an opportunity to show those working hard behind the scenes. The Arts and Cultural development team are keeping the clogs turning so that art and creative projects find a home whilst the museum is closed for renovation.Find out more about what they’ve been doing and The Box in our blogs:


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The Box legacy

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