Soundview captured the The Box launch. This is the new brand for the redeveloped Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. Due to open in 2020, this project will mean that all of Plymouth’s rich cultural heritage will be under one roof. Of course its set to be a pretty impressive roof !

The Box Launch: 2020 vision

The Box Launch: 2020 vision

The Box Launch

The Barbican Theatre marked the event with a fantastic performance at Drakes Circus. Performers explored the excitement of discovery, which is what The Box is all about. When complete, visitors will be able to `step inside the box’, a reference to the shape of the redevelopment. There, they will discover the city’s rich historical past.

It will be a museum for the 21st century with extraordinary gallery displays, high profile artists and art exhibitions, as well as exciting events and performances that take visitors on a journey from pre-history to the present and beyond.

Plymouth History Centre Videos

This is our latest video for the Plymouth History Centre. As well as creating regular update videos, Soundview have captured key moments in this regeneration project. You can see some of the highlights below with:

Packing Up

Moving the South West Film and Television Archive

Relocating Plymouth Record’s Office



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