In our latest Plymouth History Centre video you can see the great progress that’s being made. Between April and June, construction continued and the Museum on Tour featured across the city. While these key events happened, Soundview were on hand to video them. And as the project gets closer to its 2020 deadline, and the Mayflower 400 celebrations, Soundview will be there to film each stage.

Plymouth video company Soundview: keeping you up-to-date

This is the latest in a series of videos Soundview have made for the Plymouth History Centre. And its been an exciting few months. From million pound funding to demolition;  Barbican Ropewalks to Beryl Cook exhibitions; Sounds of the Sixties events to polar explorers coming on board, the project has been making great progress. With each step, the creation of a purpose built cultural and historical space gets ever closer. And Soundview are proud to be capturing the highlights.

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