In our latest video production for The Box Plymouth we meet Royal William and Topaze, two of 14 impressive Plymouth Naval figureheads. The video captures the ongoing investigation and conservation of the pair. Ultimately they will play a starring role in The Box, Plymouth’s new cultural and historical centre, due to open in 2020.

We interviewed the conservation team as they worked on the two massive sculptures. They describe how the removal of fibreglass has revealed delicate carving as well as the importance of preservation. Using ‘tomography’ they scanned inside to see what work needs to be done. Once preserved, the final stage will be re-painting. Eventually all 14 figureheads will undergo this treatment and be on show in The Box where they will represent Plymouth’s impressive maritime history.


Video production for The Box Plymouth: The figurehead journey begins.

A previous video features ‘King Billy’, as he is fondly known, and Topaze as they begin their journey. The two huge figureheads were transferred from Devonport. These two sculptures once adorned ships that graced Plymouth harbour. At several metres high. So it was no easy task moving them. Using time-lapse, we captured their move.

The Box video legacy

Ultimately we will capture all fourteen figureheads on display when The Box opens its doors in 2020. ‘King Billy’ and Topaze will take pride of place in the multi-million pound transformation of  Plymouth City’s Museum and Art Gallery.  Soundview has filmed the project from the beginning, to create a video legacy for future generations. So we were there when gallery and museum doors closed and they packed up their exhibits and will be there when the project is complete. Along the way, there we have filmed at lots of Plymouth Museum on Tour events. See some of the moments we have captured:

The Box 2020 Halfway There

Creating a video legacy for The Box

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