From our latest showreel, you can see why time lapse video is so popular with our clients. First of all, it’s a great way to share long term projects. Whether construction work lasting months or a museum installation taking hours, audiences can see it all unfold. Secondly, as you can see from our showreel, it looks great. Watching a sunrise or the tide ebb and flow, time lapse captivates audiences.  It’s like a tiny bit of magic – a moment of time travel.

Why our Clients Choose Time Lapse Video

Soundview has seen an increasing demand for time lapse. So, we thought we would put together some recent highlights. Clients including The Box, Plymouth and Babcock Engineering have harnessed the power of this marketing tool. For them, it’s is a way to show a developing project. From building real-size woolly mammoths to docking HMS Bulwark, time lapse shows the skill involved. Similarly, Geothermal Engineering Limited in Cornwall have used time lapse to capture the construction of their massive drilling rig. They then share this with stakeholders.
For our destination clients, time lapse is a great way to define the essence of a place. A sun rising over Sutton Harbour captures the beauty of Plymouth’s Barbican. Clouds dance over the haunting landscape of Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall.


Here at Soundview, we have decades of experience of making time lapse films. In that time the technology has improved hugely.  This means better image quality and longer battery life. We use many different types of time lapse cameras. Of course, our choice depends on the situation. Here are some factors which help us to make the decision:
  1. First, how long is the action going to be? Hours, days, months?
  2. Second, is the scene indoors or outdoors?
  3. Next to consider, how much movement is there in the shot? A plant growing has very little movement but a busy high street much more.
  4. Finally, how long does the finished film need to be? This could be a short as 10 seconds it could be longer. For example a major construction time lapse might last a minute.

Developments in Time Lapse Technology

The ability to shoot long term time lapses outside, without need for mains electricity has been a game-changer. For this kind of work, we use 4k cameras with wide field of view. Because these are powered by a solar panel they can be in position longer. In addition, they have the ability to send data back from the field via 4G or wifi. Which of course, greatly improves the end product. It means that we can review the footage in real time.
Early on, Soundview invested in the crowdfunded  Enlaps Tikee. Funny name but a great bit of kit. In fact, we were one of the first users of product. It has all of the above mentioned features, which means it’s incredibly versatile.


Whether on your website or social media, time lapse is a great way to market your business. So if you’ve got a project around the corner that you think would make a really cool video, why not give us a call.
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