Wow! What a success this year’s SID TV campaign for Safer Internet Day 2018 has been!! As well as being viewed in schools throughout the country, the videos have been shared across a range of online platforms.  The Huffington Post featured the films in their article on social media. While Channel 4 included the films on their Am I Normal? campaign. It’s really great to hear that our videos for the Safer Internet Centre have reached so many people.

In addition, the BT Tower and Piccadilly Circus  have advertised the campaign. And at Piccadilly Circus, our animation could be seen, below.

huge success SID TV 2018 Safer Internet. Soundview's animation feature at Piccadilly Circus

Soundview’s animation featured at Piccadilly Circus.

Two iconic advertising spots in the Capital city showing our work, what an achievement for everyone! Louiza from the UK Safer Internet Centre even went as far to call it, “the biggest SID yet!”

SID TV 2018 videos

The SID TV films that we created this year had us touring the UK! The films featured young people from all corners of the country. Part of a resource pack to teach children and parents/carers how to be safe when online, the theme this year was ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’. The amazing coverage of Safer Internet Day meant that knowledge and awareness has reached even more schools and homes.

huge success SID TV 2018 Safer Internet. BT Tower featuring the Safer Internet Day Campaign.

BT Tower featuring the Safer Internet Day Campaign.

The UK Safer internet Centre were really chuffed with the films that we produced for them. And we’re really chuffed that our films have  played their part in such an important project. As the internet and social media plays an increasing role in our lives, it’s great to share the message of how to be safe online.

Tour of the UK for SID TV 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018


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