Summer here makes us cast our minds back to our earlier 2018 summer (yes that’s two this year). In February two members of our team, Chris and Gareth, set off for the Falkland Islands, south of the equator. During the UK winter, the Falklands have their longest and warmest days. We were lucky enough to experience this on a 3 week adventure. Admittedly we were working. The brief was to capture the amazing activities, wildlife and history that can be experienced on the Islands using conventional and 360 video. This footage was then used to produce a series of videos promoting these experiences for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

You can find these videos in a Playlist on our channel here: Falkland Islands YouTube Playlist

Capturing unforgettable moments

The Falkland Islands offer visitors incredible opportunities. With their remote location and unique ecology, visiting the islands is an unforgettable experience. It was our job to capture the highlights, which meant filming in many fantastic locations.

After every day Gareth and Chris returned to their accommodation and backed up hundreds of gigabytes of footage to prepare for the next day. Their equipment inventory was vast for this trip as they were capturing as much of the Falklands as they could. Using the GoPro Omni 360 for the 360 video production, they set the rig up in various locations around the Islands and captured amazing 360 videos of the local penguin colonies, Elephant Seals and the views across Weddell Island. Coupled with our Sony camera and Canon C300 this gave us lots of 4k coverage and captured soem amazing sights.


falkland islands penguins video still: King Penguins at volunteer point falkland islands

King Penguins at Volunteer Point the Falkland Islands

360 video production

With the demand for 360 video production and virtual reality experiences on a steady rise, we knew we wanted to capture the Falklands in 360. These films have been shown to many clients and business owners, particularly when we recently attend the Devon Business Show. These experiences are not easily accessible for some, especially when they are on the other side of the planet,  so it is incredibly rewarding for us as creators to provide these opportunities. The 360 videos are also a crucial marketing tool for the tourist board who are using them on cruise ships to give passengers a taste of what they will find at the Islands.


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